Deshbhakti Geet Competition


Patriotic Anthem Competition has been held as part of Ajadhi Ka Amrita Jubilee.

India’s Independence Day Celebrations On this unprecedented occasion, the spirit of the War of Independence has been embarked on a program of martyrdom and patriotism that revives endurance.

Come, let us express the ideas, achievements and aspirations of Independent India-75 under the aegis of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Independence India.

Competition NameDeshbhakti Geet Competition
ThemeIndian culture, freedom struggle and heroes
Age10+ years
One entryper mobile number
Last DateJanuary 31st, 2022


Each district to have 3 winners

First PrizeRs 10,000/-
Second PrizeRs 5,000/-
Third PrizeRs 3,000/-

Each State/UT to have 3 winners

First PrizeRs 1,00,000/-
Second PrizeRs 75,000/-
Third PrizeRs 50,000/-

National level to have 5 winners

First PrizeRs 6,00,000/-
Second PrizeRs 5,00,000/-
Third PrizeRs 4,00,000/-
Fourth PrizeRs 3,00,000/-
Fifth PrizeRs 2,00,000/-

Collaboration with the eminent music composers / directors
Virtual interaction with Hon’ble Prime Minister

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