How to get a marriage certificate?


Marriage Registration Letter is a legal document that documents the couple’s marital relationship. One of the most essential documents today; Especially for married women. Marriage can be registered in India under various laws. The main laws are Hindu Marriage Act 1955, Special Marriage Act 1954, Parsi Marriage Law and Divorce Act 1936.

The Hindu Matrimonial Act applies only to Hindus. That is, it applies to Hindus, Buddhists, Brahmins, Prayers, and Arya Samaj groups. The Special Marriage Act applies to all citizens of the country, regardless of their religion, caste or language. The Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936, applies to Parsi and Zoroastrians.

Eligibility requirements for Marriage Certificate in Karnataka

  • The groom should have completed 21 years
  • The bride should be 18 years old

Documents Required for Marriage Certificate in Karnataka

  • Get the marriage certificate in Karnataka by submitting the following documents.
  • Complete this application form. Both the groom and the bride should sign this application form.
  • Original copy of the marriage invitation letter.
  • Document of address of the applicant and groom. One of the two must submit his or her passport, voter ID card, driving license, rental house deed.
  • Confirmation record of age of the bride and groom. The SSLC / Tenth Class Scorecard or Passport can be used as a document.
  • Groom’s Bridal Identity Proof: Passport / PAN Card / Voter Identity Card / Driving License Letter can be used for this purpose.
  • Two passport size portrait (both groom and bride).
  • 6 copies of the photograph with the groom and the bride (2B in size)
  • Photographs taken by the bride and groom in their wedding dress (photographs taken with their family members are desirable)
  • An affidavit should be filed by the groom and the bride-to-be in the prescribed format
  • Aadhaar card
  • If the name is changed after marriage, this affair is an affidavit.
  • Record of the press release issued with the name change.


  • All documents should be submitted only after self-authentication.
  • At least one of the groom-bride must present an address confirmation document issued by government departments.
  • All necessary documents should be taken to the Registrar’s Office for verification.
  • How to register a wedding in Karnataka through offline?
  • Marriage should be registered at the Office of the Sub-Registrar of the address of the groom or the bride, not the sub-registrar’s office in the area where the marriage took place.
  • Visit the Deputy Registrar’s Office near your home. Ask for the prescribed application form there
  • Or get this application form here.
  • Fill out this application form very carefully. If the name of the bride and groom is changed after the marriage, mention the new name in the application form.

This application requires the signature of the witness who attended the marriage. Your friends or family can testify.
Submit the duly filled application form with all required documents to the Office of the Deputy Registrar. This information is verified by the authorities. Afterwards, the documents are returned.
In the presence of the Officers at the Sub-Registration Office, both the groom and the bride are required to sign the prescribed documents.

After that, the whole process is complete. A copy of the marriage registration letter is given to both the groom and the bride. A copy is kept for office use. Office of the Registrar of Marriages in Karnataka can be found here. You can find out about your residence range office here. Witnesses to the marriage registration

Any person attending the wedding may witness the marriage registration.

Witnessing a blood relative near the groom is considered a priority.

In the case of marriage registration, usually the parents of the groom and the bride are required to bring witnesses.

  • Marriage Registration Rate: –

According to the Hindu Matrimonial Act, a marriage registry costs ೧೫ 5. If the application fee is Rs.

Under the Special Marriage Act, a fee of Rs. Outside the sub-registry office, this amount is Rs. The application price giving notice of this marriage relationship is Rs. To get a certified copy of this marriage registry, pay Rs.

Under the Parsi Marriage Act, a fixed fee of Rs.

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