Increase of crop damage relief from state government to farmer community: how much of the crop is the solution? Here’s the info


The state government has given another farming message to the farmer community.

The State Government has decided to provide additional relief in addition to the rate set by the Central Government for crop relief.

Increase of compensation for farmers affected by crop failure

12.52 lakh hectares of crop damage in the state from July to November 2021

Crop Damage Joint Survey details to be sent directly to the Farmers’ Bank Account within one week of the application of the compensation software.

So far, the bank account of about 14.4 lakh farmers has been paid Rs. 926.40 crores. Amount of money

At least 12.90 lakh farmers in the last one month. 796.00 Crore Damage Compensation Payment

How much of the crop is the solution? Here’s a revised rate list

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