‘Night Curfew Guideline’ by State Government There is no.! Here’s the Information


The Night Curfew has been implemented with effect from December 28, 2021, due to restrictions on the control of the Corona Virus and Omicron Variant by the State Government.

Guideline has also issued a new guideline for restaurants, hotels, clubs and pubs to limit 50 per cent of the population from December 30 to January 2. Read more about what’s allowed and what’s not in this case.

P Ravikumar, Chief Secretary of the Government of Karnataka Government has published a new Guideline on this.

From 30-12-2021 to 02-01-2022, 50% of the hotels, restaurants, clubs and pubs are allowed. The Covid Negative Report is mandatory for all personnel. It is suggested to allow only those who are fully vaccinated.

From 28-12-2022, only 300 people have been allowed to attend other events, including meetings, ceremonies, conferences, weddings and more. It is suggested that compliance with mandatory control measures be taken at these meeting-events.

Still, borough passengers across the state’s borders, especially Maharashtra and Kerala, have been mandated to check for covariates and whether the vaccine is fully vaccinated.

What is allowed during a night curfew? There is no.!

  • During the night curfew, there is no traffic from 10am to 5pm
  • Traffic is only allowed in case of emergency during night curfew.
  • All industries are permitted to operate at night. Employees are allowed to show their ID cards.
  • Telecom, Internet provider travel is also allowed.
  • In the event of a night curfew, the movement of personnel to provide the necessary service is permitted.
  • Only employees from IT-BT companies are allowed to work from home.
  • Medical shops are open during the night curfew.
  • There is no provision for opening any commercial shops
  • Supply of home delivery pudding is allowed during the night curfew.
  • Goods Vehicle, Truck, Goods Carrier, Empty Goods Vehicles allowed.
  • Bus, train, metro rail and air passengers are allowed during the night.
  • Taxi, bus and auto traffic are allowed during the night curfew.
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