Don’t You Get an LPG Subsidy? Do this today to get money in the account


LPG cylinders are becoming more expensive. In such a situation, the subsidy would be a relief to the general public due to cylinder inflation. If you too have purchased an LPG cylinder and your account has not been subsidized, there is good news for you. You should check whether you are getting subsidized or not.

If you do not get the subsidy, it may be the reason you are not covered. Well, if you don’t know if LPG Cylinder Subsidy is going into your account or not, what is the way to find out? You don’t have to go anywhere or ask anyone for this. You can do this work while sitting online. This method is very easy.

Here’s the entire process for verifying the subsidy:

1- Visit first

After this you see a photo of the gas cylinder of three companies on the right.
3- Click on the photo of your service provider’s Gas Cylinder.

After this a new window opens that contains information about your gas service provider.
5- At the top right there is a sign-in and a new user option, select it.

You must sign in if your ID has already been created.
If there is no 7-ID you must select the new user option.

After this, in the Opening window, select View View cylinder booking history, on the right.

9- You will know whether you are getting subsidized or not.

10- Complain toll free number 18002333555 if subsidy is not available.

The subsidy may stand for these reasons:

The government does not subsidize many people on LPG cylinders, which may be your Aadhaar link. The second thing is, if the annual income is Rs 10 lakh or more, the government excludes them from subsidy coverage, which means no subsidy, so you can apply if your income is less than 10 lakhs. 10 lakhs or more even if the subsidy is not available.

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