How to download Covid Certificate?


Traveling to a different city, state, or country is mandatory for obtaining a covid vaccine.

Covid vaccine is the current way to protect against a second wave of infection. People are already getting vaccinated. Previous fears about the vaccine have disappeared, and people have volunteered to get the vaccine online. The chemical properties of the vaccine kill this cell. It also prevents it from spreading. Covalent shield and kovaccine are currently available in our country and need to be enrolled in the Covin or Health Insurance Opin to obtain these vaccines. The government issues a vaccination certificate after receiving the first dose and the second dose.

The vaccine certificate is also useful as an Aadhaar card. Traveling to a different city, state, or country is mandatory for obtaining a covid vaccine. Getting all the details of the background registered with the mobile to get the vaccine is easy.

The first dose of the vaccine is certified by the government, including the time and date of vaccination. And the name of the Vocational Center has the last four digits of the Aadhaar card. The date of receiving a second dose of vaccination is also mentioned here. After receiving the second dose of vaccination, the certificate available is fully eligible and the first dose certificate is temporary.

It is best to keep this background vaccine certificate. Many are confused about obtaining this vaccine certificate. Here’s an easy way to get it.

How to get on Covin Web

  • to Covin Web Port. Must visit first.
  • Must register here

  • Mobile number must be registered
  • At this time the mobile number entered will get the OTP.
  • That OTP must be entered
  • When you log in you should click on the Certificate
  • There you will find a certificate containing vaccine information.

How to get at Health Setu App

  • Download Health Setup App
  • Register your mobile number
  • Click the Covin Tap
  • Vaccination there
  • Click Certificate
  • 14 Enter the Number Beneficiary ID

Now you can get the certificate by pressing Get Certificate.

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