How and where to issue a birth certificate.


How and Where to Get Birth Certificate

  • Friends, children born in the state of Karnataka need a birth certificate. Where and how to apply for a Birth Certificate? What are the documents and what is the process after applying?

1.First method to make birth certificate – The first method of making a birth certificate.

  • You should inform your local Anganwadi Worker at the child’s birth home but not yours. And they have to fill in the form-1 ie forum-1. If they do not have forum-1 ie get this form on and print from there. Then the Anganwadi activists register and then become the official registration at the Tahsildar office through the village accountant. After a few days the parents have decided to name the child after the birth of the child. The village accountant has given it to the Anganwadi worker. After all, apply for birth certificate at Nadakachary. Birth Certificate will be ready at least 7 days after application. You can also print it at Nadakachary. Take as much print as you can and how many copies you need to pay.

2.Second method to make birth certificate – The second method of making a birth certificate.

  • If a child is born in a hospital or a private hospital in Taluk and any district in the district, a birth certificate must be obtained from the hospital side, or even a discharge summary. Visit the municipal and metropolitan area of ​​the taluka and district within 21 days from the day the child is born. Fill in an application with father and mother details and child’s name and birth details and attach a father and mother’s Aadhaar card and hospital discharge summary or hospital slip. Slip Attachments should be timely submitted to the Municipal or Municipal Office. Even after submitting the application, a copy of the birth certificate can be taken within 7 days.

Third method to make birth certificate – The third method of making a birth certificate.

  • Regardless of whether the child is born at home or is not born in the hospital or is born anywhere else, you can apply for a birth certificate online at the Sindhu website. The important thing is that all the child must be done within 21 days of birth. If the child is born and has not received a birth certificate within one month to one year, the penalty may be applied. So please apply for a birth certificate within 21 days of the birth of the child.
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