Greatest Christmas, Break for the New Year A Statement from the State Government


The state government has released a new roadmap for the New Year’s Eve.

Yes. Omicron Anxiety Background The big decision at the Government level regarding the New Year’s Resolve issue in Bengaluru is breaking the New Year’s celebration in public space. Roads, including public places, are restricted to celebration on the playground.

The government has issued a circular issued by P Ravikumar, Chief Secretary to the government, and released the guidelines for Christmas and New Year.

Roadmap for Christmas celebrations

Prayers / Mass etc. in the church premises are practiced by the Kovid guidelines.
Any public places to hold rituals or prayers. Roads / parks should not be used
Guidelines for the New Year

  • 1) Clubs / Pubs. No special events such as DJ / Orchestra / group dance in restaurants / hotels / parks or private places.
  • 2) Roads, parks, playgrounds etc., including public places should not be used to celebrate the New Year.
  • 3) Staff at restaurants and pubs must receive a two-dose vaccine and follow the Corona Guidelines
  • 4) The public who visit restaurants and pubs must receive a 2-dose vaccine.
  • 5) Restrictions on mass dance and DJ programming
  • 6) Masking and maintaining social space in public places is mandatory,
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